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Israeli startup Rail Vision receives first order from leading European train operator

Successful prototype testing of Rail Vision’s shunting yard systems could entail the purchase of further systems to equip 30 locomotives with additional 45 systems expansion option

Raanana, Israel, 18. May 2020 – Rail Vision Ltd announced that it has received its first commercial order from a leading European train operator. The order consists of purchasing an Assisted Remote Shunting prototype system and an Operational Functional Test (OFT) for a total value of approximately 500,000 Euro. The OFT of the system is scheduled for Q4 2020.

A commercial agreement with the leading European train operator detailing future phases is expected to be signed in H2 2020. A successful testing of Rail Vision’s Assisted Remote Shunting prototype could entail the purchase of additional 30 shunting yard systems. The European train operator may also choose to exercise its option to purchase an additional 45 shunting yard systems at a later stage.

“We are excited to introduce our unique application to the European market”, says Elen Katz, CEO of Rail Vision. “The Assisted Remote Shunting system will improve safety and contribute to unobstructed one-man control in everyday shunting yard operations.”

Rail Vision’s unique shunting yard solution monitors the shunting yard for any obstacle and enables railway operators to safeguard and streamline their shunting operations, such as performing checks and maintenance for railcars and locomotives. Combining advanced vision sensors with deep learning technologies, the solution automatically detects and classifies objects within a 200-meter range at all times of day and in all weather conditions. Additionally, the solution delivers visual warnings to operators or drivers based on customer needs to ensure a safe and secure environment, while also improving operational efficiency.

About Rail Vision

Rail Vision designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art systems to improve safety, maintenance and big data services for the train industry, using advanced electro-optic sensors, artificial intelligence and deep learning technology. Its unique systems enable every train to detect and classify objects on and along the tracks from a distance of up to 2 kilometers in real time in all weather and light conditions. For more information please visit

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